Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home.

Home, the place where most fun happens. I think home as a place where there should be laughter, smiles, and happiness. It’s just so fun and awesome when I have sleepovers at my house. I have an extremely awesome bedroom too! My bedroom is full of posters and a bunch of stuff to amuse me. When I’m cold I immediately jump into my warm comfy bed. It has a nice warm blanket and three fluffy pillows, a smooth carpet, bright coloured desk, a slide mirrored door closet, and of course a window and light. That’s what I think of my home.

Home is such a greatly place. Anyway I’m going to talk about the rest of my home now. Every weekend morning I wake up to the smell of lip smacking bacon, eggs, and bagels. Then later that day I’m with my friends outside to hang out. Usually when I hang out with my friend it turns into a sleepover there or wherever we decide to. If not I return to my home to have pizza, chips, popcorn, or ice cream, or my mom’s homemade treats it the living room while watching a movie or two. Then the Sunday morning waiting for cinnamon buns is a great part of the day. Going to my friends is so fun same with being at home it’s just great. That’s what I think of home. Home is such a great place.