Grade 6

oak bank

The Meaning Of Home

The Meaning of Home

A home sparkles with joy making everyone feel loved. A Christmas tree twinkles and a fire crackles Friday nights with gooey cheese melted on tortilla chips watching a humorous movie. Everyone laughing with joy. Love is in the air and everyone knows we all care.

A colossal pumpkin lies on the porch with his big orange eyes staring back at you. Laying in the green grass counting stars as cars go by. Looking at the moon with a telescope. The stars twinkle so bright along with your personality. You barely make it inside when a cascade of people walk in positively chatting.

The kitchen has smells of all kinds. Some smells good some smells bad. Wishing supper would be ready soon. Counters covered with flour and cooking supplies. Everyone chatting and pacing hungrily and cheerfully.

On the dining room table a wonderful meal is waiting to be eaten. Eating a remembering the enjoyable family board games you’ve played there. Wondering if you have to do all the grimy dishes by yourself. Maybe you will maybe you won’t just be thankful for the meal.

Popcorn lays on the coffee table in the basement. Picking a movie from the massive movie case. Asking what movie do want to see? A humorous movie a scary movie what could it be. Snuggling under a blanket we all decide on a Christmas movie.

The Meaning of Home