Grade 4

Nova Scotia



HOME. I can’t imagine people not having a place to go back to when they are so sad, it’s like that time when i went to the hotdog stand and there were only burgers!
and i was super sad so i went home.

Can you tell me, have you ever had a feeling something good was going to happen, well that’s how i felt last summer when my Parents told me and my brother we were going to…

Greece! “OMG” i screamed. When they told me that, i could barely speak. First when i heard that doorbell ring I opened the door cause I knew it was the taxi man, and there he was the TAXI MAN! I never thought a taxi man could make my day but he did.

When I saw him he was wearing a cool blue jacket with one pocket on the side and he was also wearing a big yellow hat that I could guarantee was a taxi hat. Then the man said “hello my name is Rob.” 🙂

Once Rob took our bags to his car he was driving that night I was so excited I jumped super high in the air. Then Rob took us all the way to the Canada, Halifax airport which is a long long way from our home, well not our home more like our house.

When we got to the airport, we had to give all of our bags to a plane staff to put in the plane because we only had a few minutes to get in the plane and, there was a big line to get to the plane also. After, the plane took off so we went all the way to Greece but not exactly, we also had to stop in montreal for a little brunch but then we had to go right away to fly all the way to the European country of Greece!

Next we got our bags out of the airplane, we went to the car renting place so my parents could rent a new car. After we drove away to see my family and that is when i felt most at home.I know you may think a car could not be a home but really home can be anything! Even a hot dog stand.