Grade 6

Medicine Hat

The Meaning Of Home

The meaning of my home is somewhere where I can enjoy myself. I can be with my family. I can entertain myself. I can be loved by my mom , brother and dog in my home. I can have my birthday parties at my home but the most important thing is that if there’s a hurricane my house is strong, the walls are like steel my roof is like titanium nothing can break into my house except me. The meaning of home is a meaning of love if your house gets destroyed don’t worry habitat of hummanity will fix your house. There’s a famous YouTuber Jake Paul he helped people get out of their homes, getting them to shelters safely when hurricane Irma occurred, I would be so greatful if Jake paul saved me 1 reason is because i’m a huge fan of him and 2 is because i would like to live please. And here’s a quote “a house is just a building a home is a place of love”. My home is small but that’s okay what matters is that I have a strong home nothing can get past it. I hope you enjoyed my essay and remember no matter what happens you and your home will be safe and sound!