Grade 6

Conception Bay South
Newfoundland and Labrador

The Meaning of Home

The Meaning Of Home

Home is a place with free Wi-Fi, where I sit down and game and probably die. A place to play and have lots of fun.
A place where I’m loved by everyone.

Home is a place with family and friends. With people who love you until the end. A place where music can always be heard.
I wish mom would stop asking, it gets on my nerves.

But there’s a small problem I think you should know. There’s people who have no place to go. There’s people who sleep on the streets at night, and they have no home what a terrible fright.

But there’s still hope in this big old mess, and I’ll tell you what it is so please don’t digress. You can make a donation for the needy, and not hoard your money so don’t be greedy.

So what’s the meaning of home to you? A place that is old or a place that is new. A place that isn’t like any other. Is it place with a dad and a mother?

Now what’s my opinion of home you ask? Well it’s not a place that’s a school or a class. It isn’t a store with stuff I can buy. Nor is it a bakery with sweet apple pies.

What’s the meaning of home to me? Well it’s a place I can be with my family. A place where I’m grateful for all that I have. A place with my mom my sis and my dad.

So that is my answer and that’s no lie. So thanks for listening and this is goodbye.