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The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home to me is someone wrapping me in a warm embrace. It’s my safe haven. It’s the place of me, the place of my family the place of my friends.
The meaning of home to others can be different, but to me it’s the best.It’s the place of survival,, my place of family, the place of my conversations, the place of my relaxation the place of me. The place of memories, good or bad, mad or sad. My home means everything to me. It holds my valuable and important things. My home is open and snug, welcoming and i’m very grateful for it. I love everyone in my house. They feed me, comfort me when i’m sad, empathize and love.
Though my house sometimes feels empty it’s still snug. My house is big and grey but a great place to live. My family and I love our house but it needs improvements. I love to help my house big and strong so it can be a better environment for me to live in. My house is my surfboard and i’m the surfer. If a hurricane or tornado came i’m sure it would stand. My house is a person with video games. I’m the person and my house is the video games. That’s what my meaning of home is to me.