Grade 6

Medicine Hat

The Meaning of Home

T- Telling the truth not telling a lie.
H-Having supper every night as a family.
E- Eating breakfast in the morning.

M- Making cookies and muffins for the next day.
A- Place where you celebrate holidays and celebrations.
E-Easy going when u do what you’re told.
N-Naturalistic colors when you decorate for holidays.
I-Imaginable décor that makes my house shine.
N-Necessary to live in cause it’s my home and I cherish it.
G-Glistening in the moon light at night.

O-Official first house
F-Feeling loved, cared for and respected

H- Home work after school
O-Owned and lived in when I live was a newborn baby.
M-Magnificent when you come home from snowboarding and drinking hot chocolate.
E-earthshaking when people stay over (warm, cozy).