Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

“it takes hands to build house but only hearts can build a home”
My teacher read me this quote but to me it means nothing. In fact, I don’t know why I picked it? What makes a house any different from a home? I’m not sure but I know that my home gives me a safe feeling.
Let me tell you what it was like to move from Ukraine to Canada. I didn’t even want to go to Canada it was good in Ukraine. I had lots of friends and I understood everything. School ended at noon and I could play and hang out the rest of the day. Sometimes in winter we don’t even get some snow. I loved it. When my mom and dad said to me “We are moving to Canada” I thought they were joking. But, here I am in Winnipeg! I Iive in Canada right now. I moved here from Ukraine.

Our house is very different from where we lived in Ukraine. In Ukraine we lived above a bank and store. It was great we could just go downstairs if we needed a snack. My house in Winnipeg has 2 floors. I like it because its all ours. It felt really weird when we moved in, Almost like someone else’s home. I remember once my cat ran away and my sister found her try to get in the neighbors front door. She forgot where we lived.

My home is special because I have a really good bed, and a fantastic family. I have a mom and a dad and an older sister, we watch movies on a couch. It makes me feel happy and loved. A home is a safe place. My new home is different then my home in Ukraine. But different doesn’t mean bad. Different can be great. Home is a safe place where people love you.

By Mark