Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

Home is Family

Hi my name is Ace, “Home is a place where you have memories”. Home is different then a house because home is a place where you can be, safe. A house is like every other house: windows, floor and doors. They are just like the other houses on my street. Everyone needs a house for shelter but the lucky people make it a home.
Home is where you celebrate special Holidays with your family like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween and your birthday. When you have more memories it will become more like a home and less like a house. Once you pass my home it may look like a regular house but when you open the door you can see people making memories together. Also you see people playing games together. My mom and I making food for the guests like my Uncle Auntie, Cousin, Grandma, and Grandpa! I am happy when we have company in our home.
A home is a place where everything you love is under one roof. Home is feelings, people and love. Home for me is my family. My home can go anywhere as long we are together!

By Ace