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The Meaning of Home

“It takes hands to build a house but only hearts can build a home.”
A home is a place where you can play with your toys, sleep, eat, play with friends, have good memories, have bad memories, good times, bad times, laugh, have fun, be safe, be kind, and respect other siblings.
My family lives in a home and so does my Meme and Papa, my Gramma and my Grampa who passed away because my Grampa battled in the world war 1 or 2. He died when I was two years old. I only saw him 5-20 times in my life time.  . He was a good man. R.I.P Grampa. My ante’s and uncle’s, and my Mom and Dad. And my sister and me.
Home is where you keep your important stuff inside. Like an iPod, iPad, tv, food, drink’s, you, very extreme important stuff, your family’s computer, bed, Wii, Xbox 360 or 1, clothes. And your pets, sisters and brothers, and Mom and Dad.
When it is raining hard, extremely icy or very cold, my family and home is always there to warm me up. Or when I’m sick my family and home are always there to help me, even if I’m scared, my family or home will shelter me.