Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home is a place where you feel safe. Home is a mix of smells, like mom making cookies, and emotions like being happy or sad.

A home is where you have a cozy bed and and you feel safe when you sleep. You can play outside and make everlasting friends, or play inside with your brother and sister.

A home is a shelter when it’s cold outside. A cup of hot chocolate is a great way to warm up after sledding down a hill in the winter. Playing on the play stuctuer in spring, summer and fall is a great way to get outside. In fall, you can rake leaves into a pile and jump in them. After a really rainy day, you can jump in puddles and get wet. In the summer you can go to your friend’s place and play in their pool to cool off on a hot day. And on a hot day sell some lemonade to people on your block around you. On Christmas morning you get a lot of toys to play with. On your birthday you can invite friends to a birthday.

And that’s what home means to me.

The End