Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home to me is smelling supper after school. And hearing my little sister running in the hall.And have a home to go to after go to after school.And when you are sad or mad you can go see you mom or dad.You can have freinds and family over.Home is where memores are made.And if you have no home you won’t have cloths to wear and food to eat.Home where you can live and be safe.Home is you make mistakes and learn how to walk and talk.Home where you can have fun and play game with your freinds and family. Home is where you have a soft bed to sleep in.Home is where you have holidays with your family.Home is a shelter and where learn how to read.Home is where can watch movie and play video games.And play outside with your family.I am happy i have a home to live in.