Grade 5


The meaning of home

Meaning of home

Home makes me feel safe because my friends that are there for me
And my family will always watch over me to be safe.
Home is a place to lean things and where to spend time with your uncle your anti and your cousin

Did you know that almost half of the population in Edmonton. Does not have a home female or male. And a shelter and no money some people can’t even have food. If I ever see a homeless person I hope I will have food, water, money,or clothing if I had clothing or money I would give them something.

I hope that the homeless people have someone to be with them so they don’t be buy there self. I hope that homeless people find a shelter or somewhere to stay.In the winter it will be cold and you will not have to a roof over their head and they be suffering.I wish that some of them will get a home one day and have a nice life.

I am grateful for my home because my home will never go away from me because I will always remember it. And people how do not have a home can always get one and that will be their home.You will always remember it because that is where your friends are and your family. And you can never forget that in your hole life

A home is a place that can never be taking away from you. Because if
You forget your home it is almost like forgetting your friends and family. Because a home is your family and every person that matters to you.