Grade 5


The meaning of home

The meaning of home
My home is a place where my family is,where I know i’m safe and feeling warm.It’s a place I can go when I feel sad,mad and filled with joy.Always know that I am safe.

When I am with my family I am always happy.Even when we are mad at each other they love me,my sister and parents.When it’s cold we snuggle up together and we feel so happy. My family gives me everything I need and sometimes want. They give me good to clothes and food and I know it will always be there.
My home is warm, it’s warm with warmth and love. It’s always hot , I come home and I am wrapped in a big blanket. I always know that my house is warm place to go. When I come home into my house it is flowing with love everywhere I go.

My community and home is safe everyday. Home is always going to feel safe to me, having a roof over my head and wells around me.The community is always bursting with laughter it has activities that bring us together as a community. Kind of like one big group.

I am very happy that i have a home.In a safe community and loved by my family and friends.This place called home, will always be special to me wherever I go.When something is wrong,I don’t hide at home,I think.