Grade 4

Drayton Valley

The Meaning of Home

When I think of home
I think of nice warm hugs my family gives
and the cuddles I usually will get before I go to sleep
at home I will never get scared because home is a place where I’m always relaxed

Home is also a place where
You have family that cares for you and the rest and
the pictures that hang above our heads bring back amazing memories that are hard to forget no matter if they are happy sad scared or even nervous memories stay inside home and even your heart!

Home is also a place where
the snow eventually will get two inches high, and we get to go skidooing at my grandma’s house. My dad, grandpa and uncle will take us on a skidoo ride with our cousins! Then our dads’ and grandpa will pull a toboggan behind the skidoo and that is where we will ride!

Another thing that home means to me is
On the weekends we get to put on our pj’s early and we get to watch movies and play really fun games all night!