Grade 4


The Meaning Of Home

The Meaning Of Home

What is the meaning of home? The meaning of home means family, comfort and people who are loving and caring. Who does not want that, I know I would love that.

MY HOME IS GREAT. I am in my home during most of the day when I am not in school. My home is comfortable, nice and warm.I say I love my home every day.

My family makes me feel happy. Family are people who are loving caring and supporting. People who you love and they love you. Everyone should have a family.

Of Course I can’t forget comfort. I love comfort it is like when you have a lazy boy or a sofa or chair that you sit on and it feels like a cloud.

Everyone deserves a house. If you have a home make sure you love it. Hope you raise enough money.

P.S. good luck Habitat For Humanit