Grade 5


The Meaning Of Home

Home is a wonderful place to share and care…
To be comfortable and a place where it’s always fair
It’s where you’ll feel warmth in winter
And a place where your a winner

I wonder how it feels like without a home
Where do they sleep, In a pile of foam?
How hard is it to create beautiful memories…
With having those awful and unforgettable stories

Without a home, it’s like a prison
What do you do with a place not filled with passion?
How will you eat without a meal that’s not nutritious
And not even a meal that is delicious?

If I ever saw anyone that’s homeless,
that is in a huge mess
I’d definitely help any way I could
Just like those wonderful people that always would

Like giving them a warm drink
Or giving them a warm blanket that’s pink
At the end, a happy ending would be…
Having a loving home with a gorgeous sight to see