Grade 5

Hockley village

The meaning of home

The Meaning Of Home

What makes a home special? Coming home to a

Loving family, the protection inside? Habitat for humanity helps families

without a home get one to enjoy all those things about a home.

Firstly Habitat for humanity has a writing contest where each piece of

Writing donates $10 to a family in need of our help.To help these

Families my entire class has wrote for the contest.

Another thing that makes a home special is family

I love my family and they love me they help me when I struggle,

Feed me, hug me and take care of me family makes a house a Home.

Lastly a home gives families protection from bad people and bad thoughts day and night it makes me comfortable knowing that I am always safe inside.

There are many things that makes a home special but these are my favourite. Hopefully the $10 this writing makes will go to a nice big family.

Home is where the heart is.