Grade 6


The Meaning Of Home

The meaning of home, home is where you are taken for the first time from the hospital. Home’s where you take your first steps when your little. It’s where you celebrate your first birthday and where you gather for holiday weekends with your family members. It’s the place you host your first sleepovers with your best friends. Home is the one place you feel safe and secure. It’s where you cherish moments with your family. Home’s where you create memories and funny moments with your family and friends. At home you feel love and joy to be surrounded with care and warmth to be in a home with a loving family.

To me home is the one place you feel welcomed and grateful to have a place to feel safe and to have comfort with your family. It’s where you start your adventures and where your dreams come to life. Home’s the centre of life it’s the one place where you want to be.

At home I feel I can be myself and I can do anything . It’s the place that I have high hopes and dreams. Home’s where I think I could accomplish anything that I want to be and that I want to do. Home to me is the most important thing in the world it’s where most of life happens and where memories are brought to life.