Grade 6

Nova Scotia

The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home

I used to think home was a building and home was only in one place.
But now that I’ve stayed at many places with my family, moving back and forth, I know that home is the place where my family is and a place where I can feel loved.

My brother and me laugh and play, my parents will encourage me forever. I will never feel scared and always feel happy. We are honest and caring. When I am at home I can be anything I want to be. Home is a place of warmth where your heart is heavy.

Home is where can feel special and unique. Where I can be creative and artistic and free.

My friends and neighbors surround me. Their homes full of light and joy. I invite them in so they can share their stories and secrets. Without home my heart would be broken with its pieces falling away. But since my home is bright my heart is here to stay.