Grade 6


The Meaning Of Home

Home is a place where you grow up and make special memories you’ll never forget.
A place where you are loved and cared for,
where you and your family are there and care for each other.

Home is a place you will never be afraid,
you’ll know straight away your home is safe.
In your home you smile with glee,
very thankful and very happy.

When you walk into your home you get the warm feeling of happiness,
love and joy.
You learn to walk,
run and talk at home.

Home’s the place you’ll always want to be,
because no other place will even be close to the same as your home.
Your home is very special because that’s where all your special memories are made.

You are very lucky you have a home,
because there are more people than you think that don’t have a home like yours.

At home you learn religious faith.
What is false and what is true.

Memories you make will never fade away,
because home is a place you make special memories you’ll never forget!