Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

A house is a home. At home i live with my family. It is where you grow up and learn how to talk and walk. At home you feel the most comfortable. A home is where family and friends come to laugh ,play and lots of other things. When i am away from home too long i start to get homesick.

Home can also mean familiarity. It is like when someone moves away to another place and comes back to where they first lived. Sometimes people feel relieved when the move back because they know the town or city. Some people have called many places home.

Home means comfort to me. Some of my favourite things about my home. I like that i have a safe home. I like the people in my home like the popular saying “what i love most about my home home is who in share it with”. I also like that i live in the country.i like that i have a big yard so i can play sports with brothers and cousins at home. I love my home because it is MY HOME!!!