Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

Home is a place above any other,

With your mother, father, sister, brother.

Home is a place that you always have a shoulder to cry,

Another place as caring is hard to come by.

A place you feel comfortable and safe,

A place you can learn about faith.

As you walk in the door, after ringing the bell,

It always has the same homey smell.

So let’s take a moment to think about those without a home,

Whether they lost their job or whatever other challenges they had to face.

Everybody deserves a little zone,

Some place to call their own.

Family has a big impact,

They help keep your heart intact.

You can talk to them when things are though,

Or just about happy stuff.

When you get home from school,

You get greeted, which is pretty cool.

Memories are also a big part of a home,

Like the time you added soup to your pool and it turned into foam.

Or the time you drenched your brother with the hose,

Or maybe when you fell down the stairs and broke your nose.

Home is where the heart lies,

It will always be the most beautiful in your eyes.

A house is made from brick and stone,

But the place that holds your heart is called a home… your home.