Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home means to me that it is a safe
Place to stay. A home will always be safe because
There is a family living in it and that creates a lot
Of care .You will feel safe in a home no matter
What because you are alone.

In a home you will always be welcome and you
Will always be cared for. A house is made out
Of wood and cement but a home is made out
Of care and love. In a home you can be clean
Or you can be dirty but will always be welcome.

In a home you will make a lot of memories because
You do a lot of fun thing together like play games
And help each other out and that will start to
Make memories.

You will always be cared for in a home because you
Have a family to care for you. You will be cared for
In a home because your family to cares for you.
You will feel great about that because you have
A family to care for you and that all starts in
A home.

I love home. Home is a great place for your story to