Grade 4

Niagara Falls

The Meaning of Home

At home I smell food(desserts,breakfast,lunch and dinner),I also smell,gum,clean clothes,farts my sisters minty breath,but I still feel at home.At home I can taste meals (my mom’s baking), I can also taste CANDY I can’t taste fear because at home I feel safe.I can feel my hair, I feel loved ,safe and cared for I also feel warm and comfy in my house.When I come home from school I immediately see my family, next thing I notice is furniture, later on I watch tv.When I walk into my room I see homework waiting for me to finish it, I also see my comfy bed.Next I go to the bathroom and I see fresh soap. I also see my shampoo, conditioner and body wash.When I go in the basement to see my grandparents I see my gymnastics flour and a lot of CANDY I also see really beautiful furniture.Last I hear animal noises outside. I can also hear playing and having fun,at my house I hear laughter,talking(conversations) ,music/melodies.This is what home means to me!