Grade 6

Williamstown ON.

The Meaning of Home

To me a home is a warm word. When I say or hear home I know its someplace safe. My home is a cozy because there’s never a problem that can’t be solved. To me in a home we make memories. I remember the day I first moved in.
In a home you are always welcomed. I feel welcomed in my home. In a house there’s no one to welcome you. I wonder if everyone was welcomed the world would be a happier place. In my opinion if you welcomed everyone you will help out.
In a home your loved ones are there. It doesn’t matter where you are or they are. Their home is you home and your home is their home. It doesn’t matter how warm it is. As long as your family is their nothing can stop you. In a home your loved ones or the people you care about don’t have to be your family.
In my opinion people want to get a big house but they really don’t need it. You need a place where you feel safe, happy, reassuring and most importantly you. A home doesn’t need to be a big structure, it doesn’t even need to be a structure. You can have the biggest house in the world. It might be your least favourite place even though it’s huge. It doesn’t matter what the outside looks like it’s the inside that counts. A home is a place where you feel safe.
A home has characteristics to like reassurance, caring and hope. In a home you should feel waves of reassurance and always have someone to reassure you. You should also feel cared for in a home. In a home there’s always hope. That’s what home means to me.