Grade 6

Williamstown, ON

The Meaning Of Home

Today I will be talking about home. Home is a place you’re always welcome. You feel safe, loved, supported, welcomed, hoped and cared for. In a home, you are surrounded by the ones you love. There are many great memories to be made in a home.

A house is just a structure with furniture. Home is a nice, safe, welcoming place. Not because you have walls or a roof but because in a home you are surrounded by the people and things you love and make you feel safe. That’s why you’re safe in a home.

A home is a comforting place. In public, you might want to be something you’re not but at home you can just be normal and yourself. If you go somewhere you might not be comfortable but in a home you always are. That is why home is such a comfortable place.

You are also loved in a home. Home is even a place where you love people or things back. Home is even better when you can share it with the people and things you love. That goes for pets too. That’s why home is a very loving place.

In a home, you are cared for. If something bad happens to you, the people and things inside your home would care for you. You can show you care for the things and people in your home too by taking care and appreciating them. That’s why home is a caring place.

Those are just some of the good things about a home. In a home you can feel better because it’s such a great place (but it’s even when you can share it with someone). This is what home means to me. Thank you for reading my essaye.