Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

What is home? Home is somewhere I am safe and warm. By safe, I mean a place where I don’t feel threatened to voice my opinion. When I say warm, I’m saying if it is cold outside and I go into my home I suddenly feel warmer. I am also saying, that there is a happy warm feeling in my home.
My home is… my happy place and where my family and I spend quality time together. Lots of people don’t know what I mean when I say “my happy place”. I am saying that when I walk into my home I suddenly get a happy feeling inside. Some things my family and I do together are: watch movies, celebrate holidays, celebrate birthdays etc.
Home is a place I love, feel loved, and where I can find help or someone to comfort me. I love my home, everything, and everyone in it. If I need help with homework I know I will find someone that can help me. If someone was rude to me or a friend or I just had a bad day l know there will always be someone to make me feel better. Whether it is a cat, my brother, or my mom or dad. I know there will be someone.
Home is everything to me. I will always feel safe and warm. It will always be my happy place and where my family and I spend quality time together. I will always love in my home, feel loved, help and be helped, and where there is always someone there to comfort me. Home may not always just be one place, but it will always be just as important. I love my home and I always will. I know that.