Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home

Home is the sense of security all the time.
It’s a place where you feel you belong.
Watching football with dad until morning.
It’s where you find yourself in a warm bed on a cold winter night.

The comforting sound of my hamster during midnight.
Waking every morning with hot toast on the table.
Watching the sun set from my cozy bedroom.
Seeing the welcome mat while coming home from school.

It’s the place you confine all of your secrets.
To your loving and always there family.
Playing games with my brother until dusk.
It’s where you hang your jacket when the day is done.

Reading in a blanket next to a blazing fire.
Running outside with all of my friends.
My mom tucking me in to sleep.
This is what home means to me.