Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

Home for me is a place where I feel comfortable and safe. I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, but there are other places that I consider home like my lake/ cottage. My great grandpa built the cottage and it has been in the family for years. We go there every summer and spend a week jumping of the raft, water-skiing and tubing, and sitting on the dock. I also consider Edmonton, Alberta a home because I was born there and lived there for almost 9 years then moved to Saskatoon.

Why can all of these places be home to me?

All of these places are familiar to me and I have lots of memories in those. I feel safe and comfortable and have a roof over my head. They are places where it’s just me and my family and a place where I can be my true self and I know they will not be judged. They are places where I will be trusted and loved.
So, I believe that every person in the whole wide world should have a home where people will love you and feel safe and comfortable.