Grade 6


The meaning of Home

Canada is home and in Canada is Saskatoon and that is my home to. Lakeshore Crescent is my home to [and that’s where my house is too.] The cabin feels like home to me to. It’s where I can just sit and sleep in. My friends feels like home to me to. No matter where I go they just feel like home to me. MY FAMILY is home no matter where I go or what happens in life my FAMOLLY is home TO ME. Yorkton and Nanimo is where my Grandma, Grandpa on my Dad’s side and my Baba and Gido on my mom’s side is home to me too. My room is like home to me. I get to go and do whatever I want and I have my space to lie I get to be free from my brother and I get to decorate it to. At my dad’s house my almost new room is like home to me because it has a little kitchen and a little living room too. You tube is like my life even. I sometimes watch you tube straight in the morning and relax. The cabin is where II feel free and where there are silence. It’s a place where I can be loud, have fun, stay up late and the best part is I can sleep in and have piece when I have tea with my Grandma and talk. Saskatoon is not where I just think of home …. It’s where my story of life begins. It’s where I can be myself. It’s where my friends too. My cousins are like friends to me even though I only see them once a year. I can see them only ether in the summer or while school Break. I am kind of jealous that Elyza and Brenden are cousins and they can see or visit one another every day even on a school day. All of my cousins are from Yorkton all the way to Nanaimo B.c. But no matter how far they may seem or no matter where they go they will always seem like home to me. My salamander’s name is Sammy we don’t rely know if it’s a boy or girl but I don’t care I just can’t live without Sammy. He or she is the one thing that I look forward to. Not that I like Sammy more than my pet fish. I like both. Even though Sammy is way more fun to play with other than watching Sammy try to bite my fingers thinking they are cricket’s L.o.L.