Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

Home, there’s so many things about it.

Most people think a house is the same as a home but I think differently.

It might not seem like it but they are completely not alike.

A house is wood, bricks and rooms just filled with air, there’s nothing really nice about it.

A house is plain with stuff just laying around.

That’s a house, pretty boring. It’s just walls and rooms but no warmth and love is around.

Unlike a house,
There are a lot of things that make a home special to me.

There is loyalty, care, warmth, and love.

I’m so happy that I have a roof above my head and that I have food for my whole family.

A home can be anything that makes you feel happy a tent or a cabin or even a boat.

There is a pretty big difference between a home and just a house.

My home is special to me because I share it with my mom, dad, and brother and my two dogs.

I feel safe in my home.

I love My Home!!!!!