Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

A home is not just a house

Although some people’s home might be a house
That hole in the wall is a home for a mouse
For others it could be up in a tree
For monkeys I know, that’s where they’d be
For birds it could be up in the sky
Because that’s where I know they like to fly

Home is not just an object or space
It’s a beautiful, wonderful, greatful place
It’s where no one cares if you make a mistake
It’s where you can always give life a little break
It’s a place where you feel proud and free
Where you can always count on your family

Your family will always be there
Through the rough and the tough, they will always share
There happiness, they will always give
To help you make good times, you can relive
Some of those good times might be in your home
The place where you can always roam

Roam free of fright, all through the night and sleep without a scare
Because you’ll forever know, that in your home someone will always care

So whenever you walk into your home and feel that warmth and light
Always remember the way you helped to help make it so bright