Grade 6

British Columbia


The meaning of home is different for all. It could be tall small it is different for all.Whether you’re a fish in the sea or something on me. I ponder my thoughts as I sit by the fire what is the meaning of home. It could be why you’re there it can be the place where you even cut your hair. The meaning of home for me or you is different for all I know that much is true. What is true to me could not be to you, is it me or is it you,or is it truth really real or something we made. truth might be that but one could say nay. The only really truth i need is the truth of home, no matter who you are even if you have no house you will always have a home. Sadly from the street to a war torn country home never has to stay the same from where you were born or where you live. home is always changing or it can stay the same. You can move across the globe but home may stay where you were born to change years later. But the question you asked was what is the meaning of home does there need to be a definition why not just the way you feel a definition just restricts your thoughts? But anyhow home is just a word we say so what is the meaning of home what is the meaning of this hullabaloo for you. because that is the meaning of home. Whatever you chose and want because there are so many homes in so many places. so you chose.So as we can tell no matter where you are the meaning of home is for you to chose.