Grade 6

British Columbia

The meaning of home

Home is the place where I go when I’m feeling sad or tired or angry, home is where I’m always at ease, the place where I always feel safe, warm, and comfortable, where I know my family will help me if I ask them to.If I fall down, home is where I can go to get back on my feet. Home is where I can sleep safe at night, where I can slip into the silent land of dreams untroubled and carefree. Even if my home is cold and dark, it’s always a comfort to me. I can go home and confess all my problems and secrets, where I can let my emotions flow. I am happy at home, and very thankful I have it. I love my home with all my heart. My home is a house, my house, but not every one’s home has to be a house. Someone’s home might be a school, or a tree fort in their yard. A home for a mouse could be a tiny little hole the wall whereas a whale’s home could be the whole ocean. But not all people or animals have homes. When people cut down forests, they are destroying the homes of animals, forcing them to find new homes. Not all people have homes either, there are many homeless people in the world and we have to help them get homes, and one of the ways you can do that is by entering this competition. Everyone’s home is good in different ways but I think my home is the best.