Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

The meaning of home

The Meaning of Home

My home means a lot to me and i’m pretty sure the rest of my family love their home. Today i will talking about 3 reasons why my home means to me. The first reason is my Mom Dad brothers and my sister and my cat and dog. My second reason is food. My third reason is school.

My family is very important about home. Mom and dad has raise me when I was little. They taught you how to speak and walk in the same home. My mom and dad is the best thing to have in your life and your home. Mom’s and Dad’s are the ones who put a roof over your head and the ones who pays bills. Mom’s and Dad’s are the ones who give a toothbrush and teaches us how we brush our teeth. A Mom teaches you how to shop do the dishes do the laundry and cook. A Dad is for to teach you how to use tools how to build things and go to work. A Mom and Dad are to teach you how to drive when you grow up. My cat’s name is Snowball she is very cuddly and very cute she sometimes sleeps with me. When I wake up for school she is always downstairs waiting for me to give her treats. Snowball is the greatest cat ever. My dog’s name is Mylie she always sleeps with me but when my dad light the woodstove she always sleeps right next to the heat. Mylie is the funniest dog I ever ment she jumps around and she always wants to go for walk. Mylie is the best dog ever.

Food is very important in our home and you have to have food in your home in order to survive. Food is the most important thing in your life. Any king of food can keep you alive if you don’t eat for a few days you will end up dieing and that’s not very good because you can end losing your family. If you eat a lot of food and stuff yourself so much you can end getting really sick. Food is the most best thing you could ask for in life.

School is a very important to my home because when I grow I go to school and I learn a lot of new things. When I get home from school I always learn new things at home.