Grade 6

western bay
Newfoundland and Labrador

The meaning of home

The Meaning of Home

What home means to me is a shelter; it’s a place to keep me warm from the cold. There I have a bed,clothes, and hot food to keep my belly warm. If I didn’t have a home I would be out in the cold.

Home is where we show love. In our home we play with each other. We show each other we love each other by giving each other hugs and kisses. We spend time watching movies and eating popcorn. We also help each other when somebody needs help. Also, my dad plays with me and my brother, Carson. He makes us laugh and be happy. Things like this bring us together.
A home always brings people in, like my friends . We go for bike rides, we sing, dance,etc. We get to go outside and play games together. If I didn’t have a home I would not no friends to bring into that home.

Also, school feels like my home because our teachers are with us five days a week. They are there to teach us new things in life. They care about us getting somewhere in life, and getting our education. They are there to listen to us if we need someone to talk to. Sometimes we watch movies together and it makes me feel like I’m home. The teachers are there to cheer you up if you are having a bad day.

To sum up, in my home we are a happy family. We get to do things together all the time. I also get to play with my dogs, goats,ducks,hens,cows,cats and my rabbits. I take my three dogs for a walk every day. We also are a loving family and a caring family that I’m glad to call mine. A home is something that everyone should get to have.