Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning Of Home

A House is Made of Stone or Brick
A Home of Love so Thick
A Home is Where we’re never alone
A Home is Where we’re Always at Home

A Home Can be a Cardboard box
A Home is Where you Can Have a pet fox
A Home is Where I Will Always Belong
A Home is Where I Feel Safe too Sing my Favorite Songs

In my Home I Have Heating and Sweaters
Where some people have to stay threw the nasty weather
In my Home I’m Safe and warm
So I will be safe from all the storms

In a Home we Feel Safe Together
We Never Doubt our Loyalty ever
My Home is Where I Have Food and Drinks
Where Some People can’t Even Think

When I see People that don’t Have a home
They Just Have to Roam
Because Even if They Have a House
It Will Never be the Same as a Home Even if They Have a Pet Mouse