Grade 6

British Columbia

the meaning of home

Hello I live in Victoria. I go to central middle school. Now I’m going tell you what the meaning of home is to me.

I was coming home from school with my little brother, we were almost home. When we got home my brother went to his best friend’s house. I went inside and I had such a hard day I felt comfortable I was home. My mom asked if I was okay she asked me why I was upset, I looked and saw a place where I was feeling safe and I told my mom there was a bully at my school who was bullying me I was scared I do not want to go back ever again but my mom told me that nothing will ever get better if I just stay at home and never go back. A few weeks later I didn’t go back. I was really sad, there is no other home in the world then the home I lived in my whole life. We were moving to a new house. Not a home that home is my home, and I can not leave my one and only home. I had to go, we moved to Vancouver and that house will never ever be my home. At least three months later it still never became my home and it will never become my home.

I think the difference of a house and a home is, a house is a place where other people live or where you do not live or a place where you live but you do not feel comfortable. A home is where you feel safe and comfortable. And that`s what the meaning of home is to me.thank you for your time.