Grade 6

British Columbia

The meaning of home

My name is Phillip and I am 21 years old and homeless. I live in Victoria BC, currently in front of sport check downtown. The few possessions that I have are a sleeping bag, a trumpet, and some clothes. And every day I play the songs I know for two hours a day take a thirty minute break and play again for three hours to make a little bit of money to buy my food at the end of the week. On average I make about $45 a week and spend about $40 on: food and every three weeks laundry. With the extra money I try to save up for more clothes and the money to use the printer at the library to print my résumé to get a job.

I only recently became homeless, I had a good job working as a clerk at a watch shop and a small apartment on denman st. It wasn’t the best, but it was enough. It happened when someone came into the store asking for a job. They asked for the manager and I got him and half an hour later they told me I had lost my job.

I sometimes I feel happy when I see other families going home to the welcoming glow of their home because I know that they are all together and will (mostly) have a happy life. And sometimes it makes me feel sad because it makes me remember what I have lost and that i’ll never be able to go back to my family because they’ll never accept me again.

“Home is the place with a welcoming glow, warmth from the fireplace and love all around”.