Grade 6

British Columbia

The meaning of home.

The meaning home?
A home is something we think about, What is the meaning of home.
A home is somewhere we care not like a house that i just a dome.
A home is so magical it doesn’t matter how big or small it matters if you think it’s a home.
A house!
A house is just some beams and walls, but a home is where we love and live.
A house is an empty room, but a home is where we eat our food .
A house is cold and dark, but a home is warm when it is still dark.
A home that we don’t think is a home!
We say that a home is something that a has a roof, but no it’s not!
A home is somewhere we love, care, and feel happy.
Some people don’t have shelter which is painful to see, so let’s make sure these people have homes like me!
Why a home is important to have .
A home is very necessary.
Because home is where you pretended to floor was lava, were you thought that there was a monster under your bed, were you cried, laughed, and gotten mad at your best friend because she stole your favorite teddy bear by accident.
Home is where memories happen.