Grade 5

sault ste marie

the meaning of home

The meaning of Home

As I look out my window I see unfortunate homeless people. I really want to give them a home but I don’t have anything to give them when I get an idea. As I run down the stairs I grab a 10$ bill and get outside as fast as I can and give them the ten $. “Oh how I thank you young mademoiselle” they replied .After they acknowledge me I went inside an communicated to my parents about my story and I said
“The meaning of home is where I am safe, it protects me from anything all over the place. Home it is the key to soar it shields me from the rain even when it pours. I have never felt cheerier in a home if I have one I’ll even live in Rome, these are some examples you can’t buy samples. This is the meaning of home.”
My family applauded. 2 months later I saw that same family IN THE BIGGEST HOUSE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!They said thank you now they were the richest people ever. I couldn’t feel happier to have gave them something they needed. They invited me to their house for dinner at 6:00. I obviously said yes and then I prepared for the feast .1 minute later I was there and the food was super good!