Grade 5


The meaning of home

The Meaning of Home
A home is safe place a home is a place where you have refuge.A home is place where you have have privacy.An oasis for many people is a home and one of the resons wy a home is an oasis is because you have a family,comfort,Love and many other things.

These are some of the things in a home.Some people don’t think of a home like this but a home is a place where you see thing that aren’t physical like care because in a home you are cared about that is one of the meanings of home.

Let’s say you had a bad day at school and you picked on no matter what happens your home is where you are safe and you have comfort this is another meaning of home.

To you a home may just be something that you take for granted but there are others out there who don’t have a home.Just imagine going on a school bus and having no home what would you do.We should try and help those that don’t have a home becuase no matter what we are all the same in one way we are all humans.So don’t try and just forget about those homeless people out the try to help them because want to but that does’nt mean the we shouldent we all deserve a home no matter what……..
These are the meanings of home….

By Judah Akinsanmi.