Grade 6

British Columbia

the meaning of home

The meaning of home
The meaning of home means a place where you live and feel welcome and feel happy inside

Home is a place where you can be who you are and feel loved in a way
where you can be happy, feel strong and be welcome

Everybody has a home even if don’t realise it they will always have one

My home is the spot under my loft bed, all of my favorite toys and objects there and I can feel strong there

Even if you don’t realize it home will always find a way to find you

Anything can have a home even if it’s not alive. My papercraft’s home is my shelf in the living room

Never say you don’t have a home even if you don’t realise it

If everyone did not have home what would it be like?

No one must be left behind without a home

Of the things you have home can be the best if you embrace it

From every mountain to every hole home will always find away to find you

House is where you live but home can be anywhere, Harry’s home is at hogwarts because he can see all his friends there and feel strong and loved

Often people mix up home with house

Me, you and everyone else has a home where they can feel strong

Everybody has a home no matter what what and where is your home?