Grade 6

British Columbia

The meaning of home

Vancouver Island marmots are an endangered species of marmot disappearing from Vancouver Island BC. So it sucks to be one of 300 remaining in the wild. We are disappearing due to landscape changes and because there are too many predators for us. Okay, so my name is Fresnel and I live in a meadow on Mount Washington, near the “Raven lodge” (don’t expect I can’t read because I’m a marmot).

I love the meadow. It is my home and I’ve never known any other place. I remember, when I was small, I used to play “battle” or look for food on the meadow with friends. It was awesome! But now, with increasing predators, Mom and I are afraid to leave the burrow, many of our friends left and never came back.

Moving. I can’t believe it! Mom said we are moving. We can’t just move! This is our home! It’s where I was born, where I learned to run, dig burrows and hide. It’s not just where I live, it’s part of who I am! Will Dad be able to find us when he comes back? He is part of the wonderful feeling of home too! I guess we have no choice. We can’t stay here.

One last look at our meadow and we’re gone. We crawl stealthily through the forest, avoiding predators, for hours until we reach another meadow. It seems safe here. We dig a burrow and explore. After looking around we meet a friendly marmot, named Tipo. This meadow is his home, just like my meadow was for me. Hey, maybe home is more than just a physical place! Maybe I can build new memories and make new friends here! Dad could find us and this can be just like the other meadow! A new home!