Grade 5

Sault Ste Marie

The Meaning of Home

When I think of “Home” this is what pops in my head: Home is a special meaning inside you, it’s a feeling you can never get rid of, it’s always were your heart is. You are so loved it’s like your family was sent from up above. It’s a place where you can play in the summer, the spring, the fall, and the winter. You can play with friends, family, and neighbors too. Every day is an adventure when your family is with you. Mom making muffins every mouth so warm and good, raspberry and chocolate so yummy! Every week my dad makes pasta, spaghetti, ravioli, roller coasters, egg noodles, or penny’s, and much more. Grandma making pizza I love her pizza it has pepperoni, black olives, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, green peppers, sausage (that my dad makes), green olives, and more. Every Friday my mom my dad and my sister, we clear our schedule for one hour and we watch MacGyver. We have popcorn, gummies, and marshmallows, we relax with comfy blankets, and pillows too, and at 9:00pm when MacGyver is all done we go to into our conferrable beds and sleep. On the weekend I always like to lay on the floor and watch TV or just think for no reason. Our family always spends time with each other, my sister always brings back a book bag and there is always 3 or 4 books and she has words of the week and I practice both of those thing with her but sometimes my mom and my dad do it because I have homework. Me and my sister love playing with each other all the time. We play with our American Girls and we skate all the time, and we love it.