Grade 5

sault ste marie

the meaning of home

The meaning of home!

When I go home and I walk home I see my house and think ‘’no matter how enormous or insignificant my house is, I will always be pleased with it’’. So even if people judge my house I will still grateful be to have a roof above my head. It does not just hold my family, my four-legged friends and me; it also holds my family’s love and memory’s. I have so many memories at my house it takes me back a decade ago. I will hope to never lose my house and I never will, because no matter how much money people offer me because it is like a million dollars to me. When I grow up, I will never sell my house. The reason is that my memories are there as well as my dog my grammas cats and my parent’s cats. I also will have my cat buried there and every other pet. I will have in my life. I will spend every moth of my life at my house unless I am visiting someone. Still I have a place for everyone and nothing but in second place lies my house under my relatives Then again, in a way a house is tied in first, with relatives since a relative can save me from a storm, rain, or snow. My point is that I love my house and I always will. Even in twenty years, I will still love my house. Just because it is not enormous, it is still something above my head that’s why I’m thankful for my house. That is what home means to me.