Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning Of Home

Home is a place where you feel safe,
Never alone, it is comforting and warm,
In its own way.

Home is a place when you walk in the door at the end of the day,
It makes you smile.
Home is wherever your family is,
No matter where in the world.

Houses and homes are completely different.
You see houses everyday,
A house could be someone else’s home,
People look at my home all the time
And it may be a house to them,
But it is home to me.

It should not matter what your home looks like,
For me, home could be a wooden shack
But it is not the look of my home that makes it home,
It is the comfort and warmth.

Big or small, you know when you have a home,
Hold on tight and never let it go.