Grade 6

British Columbia

The meaning of home

The feeling you get when you step into a home should be a feeling you never forget

Home is a place where you should feel safe

Entering a home you should be welcome with open arms

My home is a place that i can be who i want to be and no one will judge me

Excited is the feeling you should get when there is some thing to fix or do at your home because when you are done your house looks great

A house is different than a home. A house is just a place with a roof over it and a home is a place where you should feel happy healthy and safe

Never forget the feeling of home because its a spatial one

If you have not felt the feeling of home i pity you because it is one of the best feelings you will ever get

Never forget the time you spend in your home. All the times that you and your friend spent laughing and talking those are the moments you need to remember and all those memories that your home has left you with

Grateful you should be because not all people have a home that they can enjoy

Of all the feelings you will suffice in your life the feeling of home is one of the best

Family. those are the people you should spend your time with

Home is it just a home no it’s a place where sare moments with people that are close to your heart

Once you step foot in a house it’s a whole new world

Many people don’t have a home and they live were we only imagine

Everybody in my home make it there home (mi-casa sucasa)

And that’s what home means to me