Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

The Meaning Of Home

Home is a place where we grow and grow,
Home is a place where we learn what we know.
Our parents and siblings, brings us good cheer,
Even if we have a great fear.
We learned to talk,
We learned to walk.

Home is a place where we’ve got to know,
All of our good friends, and where our hearts glow.
All of these good things that out home brings,
Gives us good feelings and lets us sing!

Everyone derserves this light,
If they did, their lives would be bright.
They all deserve to have this special feeling inside,
The special feeling, that makes us collide.

Hopefully one day everyone gets this feeling,
The feeling that helps with healing.
My dream is to make everyone happy,
Hopefully this will make people happy, when feeling sappy.

Everyone deserves a home.