Grade 6


The meaning of home

Home is a place , where the magic takes place . I love my home , where I live with everything that means a lot to me. It’s where I found out who I am , who i’m destined to be. My home can easily describe me , without a single word , the sights ,the smells , the thoughts , the feel , the noise and all their all mine , at home. Home is the flood of feelings when I step through the door . It is one of a kind , it can never be recreated by the best of artists , from around the world , my home is unstoppable , me and my home are one team able to accomplish anything .Every little scratch is a very , is a very sweet memory. Home is where I smell , taste , touch and feel the most explainable , beautiful thing , that has ever been created inside of me. In my home there is a living heart , a soul , way beneath those bricks . My home is pure, clean and emotional. I would not be the same person… My home raised me, it showed me the way to a beautiful life…