Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

The Meaning of Home

The real meaning of home doesn’t mean that you like your living room, kitchen, or Christmas tree. It means that you’re thankful for all that you have, it means that you’re thankful for all of your land. But some people don’t have what you have,some people don’t even have land. You are very lucky, some people aren’t, We have to make a difference. Do whatever you canto make them have what you have, and give them land. You are very lucky to even food, some people out there don’t even have a crumb compared to what you have.

Now let’s talk about your houses. Are they big, small, skinny, or tall? Well some people live in there car. So you should be thankful that you have a bed to sit on when you get home, because some people don’t. That is the meaning of home.