Grade 6


The Meaning Of Home


A home is somewhere you will have memories. A house though, is just a building that you live in. The meaning of home to me is somewhere you can always go to be with the people you care about the most. A home is the place you can walk into and smell freshly baked cookies, it is somewhere where people will support you every step of the way. Home is a word that when I hear it it makes me feel warm inside because it brings me back to all the spectacular memories I have, and get to have because I have a home. My home gives me a place to express myself in whatever way I chose to, My home is where my little sister plays on the swings and where we have all of our holidays and special events. To me the most amazing thing about having a home is that I get to share the experience with my family. I will have those memories forever and I hope I will have the creator of those memories forever, my home.